Aaron is an actor, writer, and improviser living in Los Angeles where he studied sketch and Improv at the Pack, iO West, Second City, UCB, and the Groundlings.

Besides being a writer/performer as a founding member of TURNCOAT and currently with 100% STUFF at the Pack, he’s performed in Second City productions in Los Angeles including the House Improv & Sketch teams and several sketch revues, does sketchy-charactery things at stand up shows around LA, is in several things at, has appeared in a few commercials, and is featured in videos for Funny or Die Presents, Nerdist Presents, College Humor, and Elite Daily.

Aaron’s past positions of employment: Dishwasher, barista, cook, waiter, bartender, record store dork, xxx vhs rental clerk, software and hardware tech support agent, web designer, paperboy, pizza guy, phone book delivery man, and medical record transcriber.